About Us

How I work?

Most important factor in decorating your home is communication.

It is necessary for me to understand what is important and what is beautiful for you. What are your comfort factors and what constitutes your lifestyle?

I can then translate those desires into an interior that will speak about your life style and your personality. By creating the right world of objects and atmosphere you will feel confortable in and call it home!


I have been in Miami since 2000 and involved in real estate investment for over 20 years, in the US and Western and Eastern Europe.

When doing business with international clients and co-operating closely with them on their projects, I came to understand the need to develop a new but related activity: interior remodeling and decoration, which has now become a passion.

I travel extensively around the world for my work and this makes me realize that my clients and their attitude to life are my best inspiration.

La Gorce Drive

Who am I?

My name is Jola Dussaud, I'm European Business Woman who understands the value of your investment and its style.

With a passion for art since my young age, I spent 20 years in Paris surrounded by the most famous art directors and fashion designers.

I worked closely with the firms of Chanel, Dior, YSL, Givenchy, Armani, Fendi and many more famous international brands.

I had been in the Real Estate and design business for 20 years.  My passion for Interior Design brings additional value and joy to my clients.

I developed my senses for taste and style with my extensive traveling.  I understands and read the needs of people and translates them to modern, eclectic or more cozy environments which reflect the personality of my clients.

Highly educated in art and design, I speak four languages. My international education, culture and open mind are visible in my creativity and imagination. That is why clients hire me for their projects and designs.

The Art of interior is my true passion.


What I do?

With my team, we are constantly working on new realizations;  we do the complete project, the remodeling of existing structure, modifying actuals floor plans or recreating new ones from scratch. We are often called on to finish interiors that are only partly done, or which haven’t been furnished and accessorized for some reason by other designers.

The right custom-made furniture, drapery, shades, floor décor, accessories and other details are often the reason that an interior is given a “wow” factor.

For some it must be a high level of sophistication, for others just a right mood and desire of perfection which brings your home to the next level of decoration.